Hey guys. So since this is my first post on my blog (Hello world was a default one), I’m gonna list 10 types (because 1+0=1 & 1st post, duh) of friends I have on my facebook. Let’s get real who DOESN’T love his friends? So what they’re fake like Angel Aishwarya or say Dashing Devesh! You see what I did there 😉  So let’s get into this shit.

1) The Not-so-Constant one
Like bro, I get you. You have a photographer best friend/A DSLR/An iPhone/A phone with good camera. I geddit. Who doesn’t love HD pictures man? I do. LIKE TOTALLY. But if you be changing your dp everyday, let me get this straight, YOUR PROFILE PICTURE ISN’T A PIECE OF CLOTH THAT YOU NEED TO CHANGE EVERY EFFING DAY. You be spamming my whole timeline bro. Phew.


2) The one who is on Facebook, but isn’t on Facebook
So we all have that one friend, who’s our Bae, Our “BFF”, our Brother from another effin’ mother, but guess what? When you upload a picture with your brother, and you type his name in the tag box, you don’t see his name. And you’re like say whaaaa? Then you search him and guess what he was LAST SEEN 73872664098 DECADES AGO. Like T Rex was last seen 12 minutes ago, and here you are, haven’t accepted my request. You suck bro, YOU SUCK.


3) The Mean One
Me : “hey”
Me:”Hey are you there??”
Me:”Hey what’s wrong?”

Like dude, CAN YOU NOT? I geddit you’re too busy partying with your girlfriend, or you’re listening to some Saturday Saturday and chillin, But hey? Can’t you just log out and pretend that you didn’t see my message? Or not open my conversation so that I don’t see those shitty ticks? Like I know you saw, and I know that you know I saw, and you know that I know you saw, but please DO NOT HURT MY EGO. Duh.
(P.s. I’m that friend. Waddup people?)


4) Fangirls/Fanboys
So this is that kind of person, who stalks you every night, who gives you shower of likes, comments, praises, compliments. And to be honest these people are the cutest, they’re like the Sunshine in the night. Even though they’re creepy sometimes, and you fear that they’d turn out to be Psycho murderers or something, YOU CANNOT STOP TALKING TO THESE CUTIES.


5) The Beggar
Me:*changes DP*
Me:*Dancing with happiness*
ThisGuy:*changes DP & messages 238245874687 people to like and comment and get 6 likes*
We all have this friend, right? Like seriously dude, if you owned Facebook it would’ve been called BegBook. I hate you fraanndd.


6) Bæ
This is my most most most favourite type of person. These are the girls/guys you don’t talk with usually. In fact, your last Facebook conversations were probably 3-4 years ago. But you know, if you call them at 5 am in the morning just to whine over your break up, or how you hate everyone in the world, or even just “Pakao”ing them, you know, they’ll be listening to you without judging. #LifeGoals


7) The Miserable One
Well we all have been through this phase, where we are either rejected or ditched. What do we do? Cry, whine over this “HEARTBREAK” for a month or so & move on. But this guy? Nah nah nah. So apparently this girl/guy falls in love, and gets “HEARTBROKEN”. They make it their life goal to tell the person they love that how much they “LOVE”, and how much they “CARE”. What this does to us? Nothing. Just, your timeline is flooded with these posts. All day. EVERY DAY. Sometimes I get so emotional that I cry about my non existent lover.


8) The STAR
This is the girl OF THE FACEBOOK. Like I’m not even kidding. This girl’s profile looks like she just walked on my Facebook timeline directly from Lakmè Fashion Week’s Ramp. Forever 21,Gucci,Zara,Prada are places where she hangs out. You won’t see her repeating clothes in her Facebook profile pictures. What this does to me? Well, nothing. Hell I’m JUST KIDDING. She gives me complex about my Linkin’ road clothes. Duh girl.


9) The Tagger.
This one day I was so bored, so I decided to open my Facebook after many days hoping that I’d have at least one cute boy’s request, I typed in my Id-Password, Pressed Enter Like a Boss, Stretched while the page loaded & what do I see? 18 notifications. I’m sitting here all like Whoa man. I’m so popular. I click on the tiny earth and what do I see? “XYZ Tagged you in his photos x 14” I can’t even…


10) The Mean Commentator.
This is the one who we all hate. When we upload something funny, they’ll say, ”This post is older than T-Rex.” Or when you upload a status about feeling good or something they’ll say, “Oh my god, you spelled that wrong haha.” I guess their only problem is that they’re just not happy with themselves. Bro, you need a tight hug. With a rope. On your effing neck.


11)The Gamers
Since this is my first post, I thought of giving you a bonus +1. I don’t need to write too much on this. We all have that one friend who still plays Candy Crush, Pirate King, FarmVille, CityVille & what not. But did you know, you can play your shit without sending me requests!


That’s it for now guys. If you like it make sure you leave a comment. And if you don’t have a wordpress account you can always message me on Facebook & tell me what kind of friend you are : AishwaryaShinde143 😉 (YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE.) Till next time, Keep smiling, Be beautiful. Love you all.

Gif source : Giphy.com