Hey guys. So its already my second post on this blog. Well, many of you guys are done with exams before long time, but in my and other Engineer’s case? Nope! I just gave my last exam last week & I’m officially DONE WITH EXAMS. And no matter how shitty an exam is, the pleasure of getting done with it is divine.

So, if you’re like me, or even if you’re not like me, have nothing to do in holidays when most of your friends are having vacations someplace cool, do not worry. I’m the one who has your back. I’m gonna give you some ideas about what should we do if we’re left alone. So let’s do this shit. Also, some things are for girls, and some are for guys, please don’t judge me or send me hate saying,”Ew.I don’t play Counter Strike, you tomboy”

1) Meet new people.
Yes I mean it. No matter how lonely you are, there’s always someone who is in the same situation, and is probably sitting behind a screen wondering what to do? Put status on Facebook, Ask on Whatsapp, Tweet. Ask if anyone is free and if they mind meeting you. I met a guy last year who was in my school, and we did not talked, and now he is one of my closest friends. Who knows you might make a new best friend or you have one more group to hang out with?

(P.S. Girls, if you’re going out of your comfort zone, make sure to carry pepper spray or a cutter just-in-case)1

2) Have small parties for your girlfriends
Girls, when was the last time you and your girlfriends were alone with strictly no boys entry? If your answer is “Umm. I don’t remember!” Then, YOU NEED TO COLLECT YOURSELF & organize a party or a night out or a day out. This will be one of your favourite times. Trust me on this. 😉


3) Do photo shoots.
Guys, I know it might be a lil awkward for you. But let’s get real, We all love changing our Whatsapp, Facebook profile pictures once in a while(Not daily though). And girls, I know what is it like to have 50 photos, and none of them turn out to be good. So both, guys and girls, dress up for yourself(Or for your crush) & just go. Click some photos. We all have a friend with DSLR, Maskaa him up and Go crazy with your photoshoot.


4) Listen to Music
So, there has to be a song, or a list you were planning to listen forever. I made a list of the music I love, to give you a head start. See, I love y’all so much. Google Drive link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7sRSZ_B-4-GNngxSXFnclIyM3M/view?usp=sharing


5) Join hobby classes

Guys, hobby can be anything from cooking to Nail art to football to swimming. Any effing thing. You just gotta figure out what you love.


6) Go for eating to that one place you wanted to go forever
Because hey, who does not love great food?


7)Do good for others
Spend one day at orphanage or old age people’s house. Talk with them. Play with them. If you can act or have some performance skills, do it. You won’t find other joy bigger than this. And trust me, these people crave love. When we are talking rudely to our mom, these kids are wondering where are their mums? You will appreciate what you have. It will make you happy about what you have. Reality checks : ✅✅


8) Watch chick flicks.
Guys, I know this might be a little hard to agree with. But chick flicks are something we all love & can relate. So go, grab a Torrent, grab tubs of Ice cream and watch those shit movies you always crib about.


9) Help parents.
This has multiple advantages. You guys will have awesomesauce bonding. She might give you a little increment in your monthly pocket money. And she will be pleased that her son/daughter care about her. And if she knows you’re always there for her, she will be too. 🙂


10) Live
Guys, drop these phones, laptops, Instagram, Facebook & go live your life. Because You only live once & you gotta live this life to the fullest.


That’s it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Much love & thanks for leaving. Till next time, Till next time, Keep smiling, Be beautiful. Love you all. X

Gif source : Google, Giphy.com
Image source : tumblr