Hey guys. Sorry first of all, for posting after ages. But I didn’t find anything that could be relatable or fun. And I promised myself that I’d prefer quality over quantity. So yep.

So, many of you already might be knowing about this tumblr page, Just Girls’ things. They are literally so relatable to all of us.

So, I thought of using the same thought, but for Indian girls. So here are few of them, Just Indian Girls’ things. If you can relate girls, leave a comment below & don’t forget to share this post.

  • Googling for lyrics
    Every Indian girl can relate to this. No matter how fluent your English is, the accents are damn confusing. No matter if it is TSwift, or JeLo. Everyone sounds like they’re from Mars or something.


  • Teri Galliyan
    This is the official cleavage song of the year for Indian girls. Whenever there are too many “Galiyaan” visible, your girlies just sing it away, and you know you have to adjust everything.


  • What’s twerk?
    Many of us follow foreign culture blindly. But one thing we haven’t understood yet is what’s twerk? & what’s the big deal about it? Like why is every other girl is crazy over twerking? Duh.


  • Stalking
    We all know this, we all are guilty about this. But we don’t stop. Nah. We stalk daily. Its not only your ex or your crush. This could even be that mean girl who laughed at you, or the girl who is a nerd. We stalk Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat & every possible website just for timepass. With absolute no effing reason behind it.


  • Dancing on chick songs
    Yes, I love dancing on Single ladies. I do. Not kidding. BUT IF YOU PUT ON CHITTIYAAN KALAIYYAN, I WILL GO CRAZY. Indian girls love Chittiiyan Kalaiyyan, baby doll & other flashy songs a little too much. Admit it girls.


  • Checking last seen
    ALL GIRLS DO THIS. You may deny, but deep down you know you do. Its not limited only till crushes or boyfriends, you check last seen of your mom, dad, ex, ex’s ex, and the list never ends.


  • Pretending to listen to English music
    Yes, I love TSwift with all my heart, I love to dance on Single ladies’, I love it. But ask me who is Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran or even Flo Rida? I don’t have a clue. #SorryNotSorry


  • Buying expensive dresses
    We all have that costly 3k,4.5k wedding dresses, which we buy on Diwali or for weddings and only wear once or twice. Like seriously, we should get an award for wasting money.


  • Procrastinate
    This is me literally all the time.
    Me : Okay I have 3 assignments,2 prax, 1 test. I’m definitely gonna watch Ka re durava now.
    *After 2638764936964 days*
    Me: I’ll start this now for sure, just after I’m done with this stage of Candy crush. *Plays more 2686398237 stages*

    That’s it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I love y’all. Till next time, Be beautiful, be you & don’t forget to keep smiling. :*