Hey guys. Been long? I know, and I’m sorry! I was so effing busy with s*it, couldn’t write. But hey, I’m back. Okay just kidding! So lately I’ve been to Pune at my sister’s place(She works in Pune) and I went to Pune ALL effin ALONE. Can you believe it? Like this is my first trip where I went without anyone in my entire life? Not that, I’m 60 or so. But you get it right? So, here are the things happen when you travel alone for the first time(or maybe every time) .

  • Parents
    When I told my mom first that Mumma I’m going at sister’s place, the tennis tournament started. You know, when you ask one of your parent about anything or ask for permission, they start treating you like an fudging ball in tennis court, from one to other.
    *Le me : Mom Can I go?
    *Le mom : Ask dad!
    *Le me : Papa can I go?
    *Le Dad : Ask mom!
    *Le Me : Ghar hain ya SBI ki branch?
    (Sorry for the clichéd joke)
    And when they finally agree, next step starts!
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  • Warnings
    So since this was my first time of travelling alone, my parents gave me a hell lot of warnings. Don’t talk with strangers, don’t sleep, don’t give your phone number to anyone, don’t take food(really mom?) and the list never ends. (I know they care. Don’t hate)
  • Packing and carrying stuff all by yourself
    Okay, till this time of my life, no matter where I go, my mom used to pack my stuff and dad used to carry it for me. Even last year, when I went to Punjab with my friends, all my guy friends had to carry my luggage for me because it was too heavy. #SorryNotSorry And this time, I had to carry it all by myself. It was a good experience though.
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  • Fear
    I’m a very bold person. But when it comes to things I never paid attention to, it scares the eff outta me. I was scared about the prices of tickets, not having enough money for my journey, not having a good co-passenger, sleeping and missing the destination is worst of em all. I’m a sleepy 24*7 kinda person. I had planned activities before so that I wouldn’t sleep in the bus.
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  • Entertainment
    When travelling with people, no worries about time. Because you can talk it out, or play some games with your friends or fam. When you’re alone the possibilities gets lessen slightly. I was seriously worried, but I got it all sorted in the end. And if you have some weird auntys/uncles then, May god have mercy on you!
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  • Unknown Places
    When you go to somewhere known, even if you’re going alone, it doesn’t matter much, since you’ve been there before. (I mean come on there’s a possibility that you’d end up in a forest or something.) I was going to Pune for first time, and was scared as fudge. And many people share those typical Pune people jokes that I was literally petrified. Turned out it isn’t that bad as everyone portrait.
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  • People at the destination
  • The Happiness of Reaching
    And when you finally, finally reach, in safe and sound condition, the joy you feel cannot be compared with anything.

Sorry for updating so late guys. I was procrastinating. I’ll try to upload more faster I promise guys. I love you so much. Till next time, Stay awesome, keep smiling. And if you like, then share it with your friends. Because, Sharing is Caring. 🙂