Hey guys! I promised y’all that I’d update little sooner. So, this time I’ve something special for you guys. *drumrolls* I’m doing a Collaboration post with my friend Advait aka Addy (for me). Huge shoutout to Mr.Advait Gharat @advait_gharat Follow him on Instagram. He’s an aspiring photographer, an amaze-whoa-ing writer and luckily my friend. *High-5s self*

So, every Mumbaikar has been to Marine Drives at least once in their lifetime. And as the legends have said, Marine Drives is heaven on the Earth in Monsoon. You’ve got to witness the sea in rains at least once. Here are some kind of people you see at Marines.  Actually, its a place where you see all kind of people. (Also, too many Ranbir Kapoor reference. Deal with it)

  • Couples
    There are all types of couples in Marines. PDA specialists making us feel awkward, and instantly make us feel guilty about our non-existent love lives, the arguing couples who are shouting at each other in very high pitched voices, and holding hand couples who are kinda cute since they know their limits but still they are making each other feel loved.
  • The Forever Alone
    The loner could be a single person or a group of lonely people. You can identify this. They’re the one listening to sad songs on loud speaker of their phones, cigarette in one hand and they’re looking at the sea very tragically as if to find the reason why they’re forever alone. Easy to spot. DAMN.EASY.
  • The College Gang
    This group of people are relatively very loud, they’re fighting with each other, taking selfies, buying and sharing food, and probably abusing each other too. 😉
  • The Jogging uncles and Chit-chat aunties.
    We see some cray cray people at Marines, but these (over?)enthusiastic uncles are jogging, and they make us feel miserable about the Buttered Paavbhaji we have in our hands. We eat them shamelessly though. And the aunties sitting here are always complaining that how our generation is wasted and spoiled and other 100 things.
  • Daring drivers
    These are the people who swift past us 100 kilometres per hour, and admit it you wanna be a part of them to experience the speed at least once in your lifetime.
    daring drives
  • Rain lovers
    Now, these are the people who might not come to Marines every once in a while, but they specially take out time and come to Marines every Monsoon just to enjoy the rains. *Wake up Sid reference*
    rain lovers
  • The Photographers and The Photogenic
    Marines is a beautiful place for pictures. No matter when you take the pictures, they turn out to be amazing. And that is a big reason my friend, why all amateur photographers visit Marines, and if they’re not so amateur, you might be able to spot a professional setup for the photoshoot.
  • The Food Vendors.
    Out of all the people we see, the ones that are the happiest are the food vendors. Even lunch at a 5 star hotel cannot beat ‘Bhel by the bay and with bae’ at sunset.
    food vendor
  • Everyone
    Everybody is living in their own moment, when at Marine Drives. The breeze strikes your face, carrying away the stress you had, making you feel better in a totally new way! When you sit at the shores of Marines, the calmness you feel is unexplainable. You see the stressed ones and happy ones , the tired ones and energetic ones, because Marine Drives is a place for everyone and if you haven’t been there yet, then you should this Monsoon.

    Happy Monsoon guys! Love you loads. If you like it, share it. Sharing is Caring 🙂 Till next time, be beautiful, be you.