Hey guys, just a little announcement. I’ll be writing 2 blogs a month, since my college is starting and its kinda important for me. I hope you guys will support me as ever. Ilysm guys ❤

So, this time I’ve got things which all lazy people can relate too. As I found a quote on Internet about lazy people by someone whose name I cannot pronounce, “Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

  1. Can’t reach it, Don’t need it
    No matter what, I won’t leave my bed and ruin our relationship. We’re just like made for each other. I lost the count of the number of times I watched commercials just because I was bored to get the remote. I’d rather die of thirst instead of getting up and getting a glass of water from kitchen.
  2. Not Eating in Proper Utensils
    When I cook something to eat, for an instance, say Maggi (Coming back soon), my mom tells me, I’m not gonna wash your utensils. I’m not a maid. And that’s when I decide that who needs plate when you can directly eat from the bowl. I’ve burned myself zillions of times in this process because the bowl was too hot. Totally worth it.2
  3. 2 Switches of Electronics
    I’m so lazy to get up from the bed, and switch on/off the fan, that I have an extra switch by my bed. Sorry Not Sorry
  4. Replying Late to Texts
    It takes so many efforts to reply to all texts on my Whatsapp, Facebook, My mails, that in this process, I procrastinate to reply. And eventually when I have free time, I reply to each and every one of it, this process takes time, and sometimes I end up (with no intentions of) ignoring people. But I do reply because its better late than never.4
  5. Not using Bookmarks
    I love to read books, and not the e-books or PDF copies of em, the hard copy, The Book book, you know what I mean. But I’m so lazy to find/make/buy a bookmark that I end up folding pages and ruining the book
  6. Using People as bookmarks
    Sometimes when I’m too bored to watch a video and instead of storing the link in notepad/stickys, I send them randomly to people and make them think that why I sent this to them. Sometimes I send link of beauty videos to boys, and they end up saying,” What Daa duck?”
  7. Laptop tilted
    When I’m feeling tired, but I don’t want to sleep instantly, or having troubles falling asleep, a whole new level of innovation+laziness appears. I tilt my laptop and watch stuff. Not even guilty of doing that.
  8. Taking an Rickshaw
    Yo mama is so lazy, that she takes an auto even for a 5 minute walk. (And by mama, I mean me. Meh)
  9. Cancelling plans, because why not?
    I cancel plans at last moment because I don’t want to leave my comforting cocoon of bed, Shows and some random junkfood to eat. TOO GUILTY TO ADMIT IT PUBLICALLY.9
  10. Procrastinating in writing blogs
    Heeeheeehee 😀 *batting eyelashes*
    If you like it, share it. Sharing is Caring 🙂 Till next time, be beautiful, be you.

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