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Things All Lazy People can Relate to.

             Hey guys, just a little announcement. I’ll be writing 2 blogs a month, since my college is starting and its kinda important for me. I hope you guys will support me as ever. Ilysm guys ❤

So, this time I’ve got things which all lazy people can relate too. As I found a quote on Internet about lazy people by someone whose name I cannot pronounce, “Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.”

  1. Can’t reach it, Don’t need it
    No matter what, I won’t leave my bed and ruin our relationship. We’re just like made for each other. I lost the count of the number of times I watched commercials just because I was bored to get the remote. I’d rather die of thirst instead of getting up and getting a glass of water from kitchen.
  2. Not Eating in Proper Utensils
    When I cook something to eat, for an instance, say Maggi (Coming back soon), my mom tells me, I’m not gonna wash your utensils. I’m not a maid. And that’s when I decide that who needs plate when you can directly eat from the bowl. I’ve burned myself zillions of times in this process because the bowl was too hot. Totally worth it.2
  3. 2 Switches of Electronics
    I’m so lazy to get up from the bed, and switch on/off the fan, that I have an extra switch by my bed. Sorry Not Sorry
  4. Replying Late to Texts
    It takes so many efforts to reply to all texts on my Whatsapp, Facebook, My mails, that in this process, I procrastinate to reply. And eventually when I have free time, I reply to each and every one of it, this process takes time, and sometimes I end up (with no intentions of) ignoring people. But I do reply because its better late than never.4
  5. Not using Bookmarks
    I love to read books, and not the e-books or PDF copies of em, the hard copy, The Book book, you know what I mean. But I’m so lazy to find/make/buy a bookmark that I end up folding pages and ruining the book
  6. Using People as bookmarks
    Sometimes when I’m too bored to watch a video and instead of storing the link in notepad/stickys, I send them randomly to people and make them think that why I sent this to them. Sometimes I send link of beauty videos to boys, and they end up saying,” What Daa duck?”
  7. Laptop tilted
    When I’m feeling tired, but I don’t want to sleep instantly, or having troubles falling asleep, a whole new level of innovation+laziness appears. I tilt my laptop and watch stuff. Not even guilty of doing that.
  8. Taking an Rickshaw
    Yo mama is so lazy, that she takes an auto even for a 5 minute walk. (And by mama, I mean me. Meh)
  9. Cancelling plans, because why not?
    I cancel plans at last moment because I don’t want to leave my comforting cocoon of bed, Shows and some random junkfood to eat. TOO GUILTY TO ADMIT IT PUBLICALLY.9
  10. Procrastinating in writing blogs
    Heeeheeehee 😀 *batting eyelashes*
    If you like it, share it. Sharing is Caring 🙂 Till next time, be beautiful, be you.

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Types of People At Marine Drives

Hey guys! I promised y’all that I’d update little sooner. So, this time I’ve something special for you guys. *drumrolls* I’m doing a Collaboration post with my friend Advait aka Addy (for me). Huge shoutout to Mr.Advait Gharat @advait_gharat Follow him on Instagram. He’s an aspiring photographer, an amaze-whoa-ing writer and luckily my friend. *High-5s self*

So, every Mumbaikar has been to Marine Drives at least once in their lifetime. And as the legends have said, Marine Drives is heaven on the Earth in Monsoon. You’ve got to witness the sea in rains at least once. Here are some kind of people you see at Marines.  Actually, its a place where you see all kind of people. (Also, too many Ranbir Kapoor reference. Deal with it)

  • Couples
    There are all types of couples in Marines. PDA specialists making us feel awkward, and instantly make us feel guilty about our non-existent love lives, the arguing couples who are shouting at each other in very high pitched voices, and holding hand couples who are kinda cute since they know their limits but still they are making each other feel loved.
  • The Forever Alone
    The loner could be a single person or a group of lonely people. You can identify this. They’re the one listening to sad songs on loud speaker of their phones, cigarette in one hand and they’re looking at the sea very tragically as if to find the reason why they’re forever alone. Easy to spot. DAMN.EASY.
  • The College Gang
    This group of people are relatively very loud, they’re fighting with each other, taking selfies, buying and sharing food, and probably abusing each other too. 😉
  • The Jogging uncles and Chit-chat aunties.
    We see some cray cray people at Marines, but these (over?)enthusiastic uncles are jogging, and they make us feel miserable about the Buttered Paavbhaji we have in our hands. We eat them shamelessly though. And the aunties sitting here are always complaining that how our generation is wasted and spoiled and other 100 things.
  • Daring drivers
    These are the people who swift past us 100 kilometres per hour, and admit it you wanna be a part of them to experience the speed at least once in your lifetime.
    daring drives
  • Rain lovers
    Now, these are the people who might not come to Marines every once in a while, but they specially take out time and come to Marines every Monsoon just to enjoy the rains. *Wake up Sid reference*
    rain lovers
  • The Photographers and The Photogenic
    Marines is a beautiful place for pictures. No matter when you take the pictures, they turn out to be amazing. And that is a big reason my friend, why all amateur photographers visit Marines, and if they’re not so amateur, you might be able to spot a professional setup for the photoshoot.
  • The Food Vendors.
    Out of all the people we see, the ones that are the happiest are the food vendors. Even lunch at a 5 star hotel cannot beat ‘Bhel by the bay and with bae’ at sunset.
    food vendor
  • Everyone
    Everybody is living in their own moment, when at Marine Drives. The breeze strikes your face, carrying away the stress you had, making you feel better in a totally new way! When you sit at the shores of Marines, the calmness you feel is unexplainable. You see the stressed ones and happy ones , the tired ones and energetic ones, because Marine Drives is a place for everyone and if you haven’t been there yet, then you should this Monsoon.

    Happy Monsoon guys! Love you loads. If you like it, share it. Sharing is Caring 🙂 Till next time, be beautiful, be you.

Things you experience when you travel alone FOR THE FIRST TIME

Hey guys. Been long? I know, and I’m sorry! I was so effing busy with s*it, couldn’t write. But hey, I’m back. Okay just kidding! So lately I’ve been to Pune at my sister’s place(She works in Pune) and I went to Pune ALL effin ALONE. Can you believe it? Like this is my first trip where I went without anyone in my entire life? Not that, I’m 60 or so. But you get it right? So, here are the things happen when you travel alone for the first time(or maybe every time) .

  • Parents
    When I told my mom first that Mumma I’m going at sister’s place, the tennis tournament started. You know, when you ask one of your parent about anything or ask for permission, they start treating you like an fudging ball in tennis court, from one to other.
    *Le me : Mom Can I go?
    *Le mom : Ask dad!
    *Le me : Papa can I go?
    *Le Dad : Ask mom!
    *Le Me : Ghar hain ya SBI ki branch?
    (Sorry for the clichéd joke)
    And when they finally agree, next step starts!
    _ (1)
  • Warnings
    So since this was my first time of travelling alone, my parents gave me a hell lot of warnings. Don’t talk with strangers, don’t sleep, don’t give your phone number to anyone, don’t take food(really mom?) and the list never ends. (I know they care. Don’t hate)
  • Packing and carrying stuff all by yourself
    Okay, till this time of my life, no matter where I go, my mom used to pack my stuff and dad used to carry it for me. Even last year, when I went to Punjab with my friends, all my guy friends had to carry my luggage for me because it was too heavy. #SorryNotSorry And this time, I had to carry it all by myself. It was a good experience though.
    _ (2)
  • Fear
    I’m a very bold person. But when it comes to things I never paid attention to, it scares the eff outta me. I was scared about the prices of tickets, not having enough money for my journey, not having a good co-passenger, sleeping and missing the destination is worst of em all. I’m a sleepy 24*7 kinda person. I had planned activities before so that I wouldn’t sleep in the bus.
    _ (3)
  • Entertainment
    When travelling with people, no worries about time. Because you can talk it out, or play some games with your friends or fam. When you’re alone the possibilities gets lessen slightly. I was seriously worried, but I got it all sorted in the end. And if you have some weird auntys/uncles then, May god have mercy on you!
    _ (4)
  • Unknown Places
    When you go to somewhere known, even if you’re going alone, it doesn’t matter much, since you’ve been there before. (I mean come on there’s a possibility that you’d end up in a forest or something.) I was going to Pune for first time, and was scared as fudge. And many people share those typical Pune people jokes that I was literally petrified. Turned out it isn’t that bad as everyone portrait.
    _ (5)
  • People at the destination
  • The Happiness of Reaching
    And when you finally, finally reach, in safe and sound condition, the joy you feel cannot be compared with anything.

Sorry for updating so late guys. I was procrastinating. I’ll try to upload more faster I promise guys. I love you so much. Till next time, Stay awesome, keep smiling. And if you like, then share it with your friends. Because, Sharing is Caring. 🙂


Hey guys. Sorry first of all, for posting after ages. But I didn’t find anything that could be relatable or fun. And I promised myself that I’d prefer quality over quantity. So yep.

So, many of you already might be knowing about this tumblr page, Just Girls’ things. They are literally so relatable to all of us.

So, I thought of using the same thought, but for Indian girls. So here are few of them, Just Indian Girls’ things. If you can relate girls, leave a comment below & don’t forget to share this post.

  • Googling for lyrics
    Every Indian girl can relate to this. No matter how fluent your English is, the accents are damn confusing. No matter if it is TSwift, or JeLo. Everyone sounds like they’re from Mars or something.


  • Teri Galliyan
    This is the official cleavage song of the year for Indian girls. Whenever there are too many “Galiyaan” visible, your girlies just sing it away, and you know you have to adjust everything.


  • What’s twerk?
    Many of us follow foreign culture blindly. But one thing we haven’t understood yet is what’s twerk? & what’s the big deal about it? Like why is every other girl is crazy over twerking? Duh.


  • Stalking
    We all know this, we all are guilty about this. But we don’t stop. Nah. We stalk daily. Its not only your ex or your crush. This could even be that mean girl who laughed at you, or the girl who is a nerd. We stalk Facebook,Instagram,Snapchat & every possible website just for timepass. With absolute no effing reason behind it.


  • Dancing on chick songs
    Yes, I love dancing on Single ladies. I do. Not kidding. BUT IF YOU PUT ON CHITTIYAAN KALAIYYAN, I WILL GO CRAZY. Indian girls love Chittiiyan Kalaiyyan, baby doll & other flashy songs a little too much. Admit it girls.


  • Checking last seen
    ALL GIRLS DO THIS. You may deny, but deep down you know you do. Its not limited only till crushes or boyfriends, you check last seen of your mom, dad, ex, ex’s ex, and the list never ends.


  • Pretending to listen to English music
    Yes, I love TSwift with all my heart, I love to dance on Single ladies’, I love it. But ask me who is Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran or even Flo Rida? I don’t have a clue. #SorryNotSorry


  • Buying expensive dresses
    We all have that costly 3k,4.5k wedding dresses, which we buy on Diwali or for weddings and only wear once or twice. Like seriously, we should get an award for wasting money.


  • Procrastinate
    This is me literally all the time.
    Me : Okay I have 3 assignments,2 prax, 1 test. I’m definitely gonna watch Ka re durava now.
    *After 2638764936964 days*
    Me: I’ll start this now for sure, just after I’m done with this stage of Candy crush. *Plays more 2686398237 stages*

    That’s it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I love y’all. Till next time, Be beautiful, be you & don’t forget to keep smiling. :*

What to do in Vacations?

Hey guys. So its already my second post on this blog. Well, many of you guys are done with exams before long time, but in my and other Engineer’s case? Nope! I just gave my last exam last week & I’m officially DONE WITH EXAMS. And no matter how shitty an exam is, the pleasure of getting done with it is divine.

So, if you’re like me, or even if you’re not like me, have nothing to do in holidays when most of your friends are having vacations someplace cool, do not worry. I’m the one who has your back. I’m gonna give you some ideas about what should we do if we’re left alone. So let’s do this shit. Also, some things are for girls, and some are for guys, please don’t judge me or send me hate saying,”Ew.I don’t play Counter Strike, you tomboy”

1) Meet new people.
Yes I mean it. No matter how lonely you are, there’s always someone who is in the same situation, and is probably sitting behind a screen wondering what to do? Put status on Facebook, Ask on Whatsapp, Tweet. Ask if anyone is free and if they mind meeting you. I met a guy last year who was in my school, and we did not talked, and now he is one of my closest friends. Who knows you might make a new best friend or you have one more group to hang out with?

(P.S. Girls, if you’re going out of your comfort zone, make sure to carry pepper spray or a cutter just-in-case)1

2) Have small parties for your girlfriends
Girls, when was the last time you and your girlfriends were alone with strictly no boys entry? If your answer is “Umm. I don’t remember!” Then, YOU NEED TO COLLECT YOURSELF & organize a party or a night out or a day out. This will be one of your favourite times. Trust me on this. 😉


3) Do photo shoots.
Guys, I know it might be a lil awkward for you. But let’s get real, We all love changing our Whatsapp, Facebook profile pictures once in a while(Not daily though). And girls, I know what is it like to have 50 photos, and none of them turn out to be good. So both, guys and girls, dress up for yourself(Or for your crush) & just go. Click some photos. We all have a friend with DSLR, Maskaa him up and Go crazy with your photoshoot.


4) Listen to Music
So, there has to be a song, or a list you were planning to listen forever. I made a list of the music I love, to give you a head start. See, I love y’all so much. Google Drive link :


5) Join hobby classes

Guys, hobby can be anything from cooking to Nail art to football to swimming. Any effing thing. You just gotta figure out what you love.


6) Go for eating to that one place you wanted to go forever
Because hey, who does not love great food?


7)Do good for others
Spend one day at orphanage or old age people’s house. Talk with them. Play with them. If you can act or have some performance skills, do it. You won’t find other joy bigger than this. And trust me, these people crave love. When we are talking rudely to our mom, these kids are wondering where are their mums? You will appreciate what you have. It will make you happy about what you have. Reality checks : ✅✅


8) Watch chick flicks.
Guys, I know this might be a little hard to agree with. But chick flicks are something we all love & can relate. So go, grab a Torrent, grab tubs of Ice cream and watch those shit movies you always crib about.


9) Help parents.
This has multiple advantages. You guys will have awesomesauce bonding. She might give you a little increment in your monthly pocket money. And she will be pleased that her son/daughter care about her. And if she knows you’re always there for her, she will be too. 🙂


10) Live
Guys, drop these phones, laptops, Instagram, Facebook & go live your life. Because You only live once & you gotta live this life to the fullest.


That’s it for now guys. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Much love & thanks for leaving. Till next time, Till next time, Keep smiling, Be beautiful. Love you all. X

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Types of friends I have on my Facebook

Hey guys. So since this is my first post on my blog (Hello world was a default one), I’m gonna list 10 types (because 1+0=1 & 1st post, duh) of friends I have on my facebook. Let’s get real who DOESN’T love his friends? So what they’re fake like Angel Aishwarya or say Dashing Devesh! You see what I did there 😉  So let’s get into this shit.

1) The Not-so-Constant one
Like bro, I get you. You have a photographer best friend/A DSLR/An iPhone/A phone with good camera. I geddit. Who doesn’t love HD pictures man? I do. LIKE TOTALLY. But if you be changing your dp everyday, let me get this straight, YOUR PROFILE PICTURE ISN’T A PIECE OF CLOTH THAT YOU NEED TO CHANGE EVERY EFFING DAY. You be spamming my whole timeline bro. Phew.


2) The one who is on Facebook, but isn’t on Facebook
So we all have that one friend, who’s our Bae, Our “BFF”, our Brother from another effin’ mother, but guess what? When you upload a picture with your brother, and you type his name in the tag box, you don’t see his name. And you’re like say whaaaa? Then you search him and guess what he was LAST SEEN 73872664098 DECADES AGO. Like T Rex was last seen 12 minutes ago, and here you are, haven’t accepted my request. You suck bro, YOU SUCK.


3) The Mean One
Me : “hey”
Me:”Hey are you there??”
Me:”Hey what’s wrong?”

Like dude, CAN YOU NOT? I geddit you’re too busy partying with your girlfriend, or you’re listening to some Saturday Saturday and chillin, But hey? Can’t you just log out and pretend that you didn’t see my message? Or not open my conversation so that I don’t see those shitty ticks? Like I know you saw, and I know that you know I saw, and you know that I know you saw, but please DO NOT HURT MY EGO. Duh.
(P.s. I’m that friend. Waddup people?)


4) Fangirls/Fanboys
So this is that kind of person, who stalks you every night, who gives you shower of likes, comments, praises, compliments. And to be honest these people are the cutest, they’re like the Sunshine in the night. Even though they’re creepy sometimes, and you fear that they’d turn out to be Psycho murderers or something, YOU CANNOT STOP TALKING TO THESE CUTIES.


5) The Beggar
Me:*changes DP*
Me:*Dancing with happiness*
ThisGuy:*changes DP & messages 238245874687 people to like and comment and get 6 likes*
We all have this friend, right? Like seriously dude, if you owned Facebook it would’ve been called BegBook. I hate you fraanndd.


6) Bæ
This is my most most most favourite type of person. These are the girls/guys you don’t talk with usually. In fact, your last Facebook conversations were probably 3-4 years ago. But you know, if you call them at 5 am in the morning just to whine over your break up, or how you hate everyone in the world, or even just “Pakao”ing them, you know, they’ll be listening to you without judging. #LifeGoals


7) The Miserable One
Well we all have been through this phase, where we are either rejected or ditched. What do we do? Cry, whine over this “HEARTBREAK” for a month or so & move on. But this guy? Nah nah nah. So apparently this girl/guy falls in love, and gets “HEARTBROKEN”. They make it their life goal to tell the person they love that how much they “LOVE”, and how much they “CARE”. What this does to us? Nothing. Just, your timeline is flooded with these posts. All day. EVERY DAY. Sometimes I get so emotional that I cry about my non existent lover.


8) The STAR
This is the girl OF THE FACEBOOK. Like I’m not even kidding. This girl’s profile looks like she just walked on my Facebook timeline directly from Lakmè Fashion Week’s Ramp. Forever 21,Gucci,Zara,Prada are places where she hangs out. You won’t see her repeating clothes in her Facebook profile pictures. What this does to me? Well, nothing. Hell I’m JUST KIDDING. She gives me complex about my Linkin’ road clothes. Duh girl.


9) The Tagger.
This one day I was so bored, so I decided to open my Facebook after many days hoping that I’d have at least one cute boy’s request, I typed in my Id-Password, Pressed Enter Like a Boss, Stretched while the page loaded & what do I see? 18 notifications. I’m sitting here all like Whoa man. I’m so popular. I click on the tiny earth and what do I see? “XYZ Tagged you in his photos x 14” I can’t even…


10) The Mean Commentator.
This is the one who we all hate. When we upload something funny, they’ll say, ”This post is older than T-Rex.” Or when you upload a status about feeling good or something they’ll say, “Oh my god, you spelled that wrong haha.” I guess their only problem is that they’re just not happy with themselves. Bro, you need a tight hug. With a rope. On your effing neck.


11)The Gamers
Since this is my first post, I thought of giving you a bonus +1. I don’t need to write too much on this. We all have that one friend who still plays Candy Crush, Pirate King, FarmVille, CityVille & what not. But did you know, you can play your shit without sending me requests!


That’s it for now guys. If you like it make sure you leave a comment. And if you don’t have a wordpress account you can always message me on Facebook & tell me what kind of friend you are : AishwaryaShinde143 😉 (YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE.) Till next time, Keep smiling, Be beautiful. Love you all.

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Hello world!

Hey guys. I’m starting this blog right from this moment. I want to stay connected to each one of you. Though I’ve made this blog beauty and fashion centered, I will upload stuff other than that too. I think that’s all for this time. Bye guys. (:

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